★★★★★ | 2/14/2019

The customer service, fair prices and great certified BMW work guaranteed. Can't beat it!

Patty Jones

★★★★★ | 1/21/2019

Jesse gave excellent service and explained answers on questions I had. Will defiantly be my go to place for oil changes and all service on my 2017 X3...

Michael Huston

★★★★★ | 1/12/2019

Biggest fear in buying my kid a BMW was the Maintence... I knew it would be expensive and worried I wouldn’t be able to find someone I could trust. Jesse was a God send! Not only did he take the time to throughly explain issue we had but quickly and efficiently addressed them at a VERY affordable price. I bought the car at a great price and knew there maybe a few issues but with the time and care Jesse placed in the car it’s running good as new

Kierra Henderson

★★★★★ | 1/7/2019

I originally found out about this place when someone stopped behind my car to give me a business card. I believe she was a customer here and wanted to spread the word.

I am fed up with the BMW stealership, I mean dealership. So here we are, a year and a half later, and I searched for that business card. It was in my glove compartment this whole time.

I set up an appointment via email. Jesse was very quick to respond and penciled me in for Friday appointment at 4:30PM.

I come in and he was finishing up a customer (real sorry, I cannot for the life of me remember your name). Nonetheless, I said I was here for my oil change appointment. He took my keys and I sat in the lobby watching TV and looking at all the cool stuff on their walls.

He comes in and says I am due for a 60K service. And I was expecting and aware of this so it's not one of those extra surprises you get at a dealership. And I said, I'll just go with the oil change for now. And he said, "Oh yeah. That's actually almost done. This recommendation is for your next visit or so."

That caught me by surprise. It was quick. And recommendations were to the point and wasn't forced on me.

Definitely will be back here for my car needs. A professional place with quality work.

Sedine S.

★★★★★ | 9/14/2018

Best mechanics in DFW. Jesse and Albert are the best! I actually purchased a BMW from Jesse - my first experience with the brand - and he educated me about the car, the brand and the quality which put me at ease about the car. Don't be scared off by the public (mis)perceptions about BMW - they're amazing vehicles and frankly the maintenance costs are about equal with my wife's newer Toyota.

Jesse was forthright about the vehicle's imperfections and minor flaws and I couldn't be happier. Euless is about about an hour's drive from Allen and I'll gladly do the drive for Jesse and his team to work on this car when maintenance is needed.

Jesse and his guys are BMW only, and to their credit this makes them experts. Trust them - they know what's going on with your car and will treat you right.

Rob B.

★★★★★ | 8/31/2018

Very quick estimates and solid service! They beat dealership and local shops on price as well.

Dean Revard

★★★★★ | 8/4/2018

This is by far the best place to take your Bimmer. They are up front and very fair when it comes to pricing. Also their knowledge is second to none when it comes to BMWs. I highly recommend you take your car there... You'll feel confident in their work for sure!!!

Brandon T.

★★★★★ | 7/21/2018

Bought a car from Jesse today - my first BMW ever - and so far, it's a BLAST. I am impressed with the overall value and felt totally confident buying from him given his strong reputation and expertise. He went over the car with me and we discussed everything about it the vehicle and he answered all my questions given my lack of experience with this brand. It's been less than one day and I keep thinking "Why didn't I buy a BMW sooner?" Thanks, Jesse!

Rob Bellomy

★★★★★ | 5/4/2018

Everything they offer.You will not find a better shop.

Bubba Anders

★★★★★ | 3/5/2018

Great service fast... and the lady there is pretty u cant lose....

Mevskt Moore

★★★★★ | 2/17/2018

Great service , my first time here with my daughter’s car . Definitely will be coming here as Iong as I own a BMW:)

Melissa Barnes

★★★★★ | 2/14/2018

We took over vehicle to DFW Bimmer for some service work that Arlington BMW was suppose to do. We were extremely please with our person of contact which was Albert. We were also pleased with high level of service we received which was done in a timely manner. Going forward we will be bring our vehicle to DFW Bimmer.

Keisha S.

★★★★★ | 12/23/2017

Jesse is such a professional at what he does, and I won't be taking my BMW anywhere else. Good, quality service and my car was ready when he said!

Wellz I.

★★★★★ | 11/21/2017

The team at DFW Bimmer is fantastic. Jesse and Albert have allway diagnosed and promptly repaired any issues that I have had at a fair price. I have been completely satisfied with every interaction we have had. They have been talking care of my Ms for years. I trust them completely and the work they do is exactly what I would expect from one of the Top Dealerships in DFW. I continue to go there not because of the savings, which I do like. Its because the service is better, I get my cars back sooner, and there are NO surprises at check out.

Thank you for the great work,


Ian Anthony

★★★★★ | 8/6/2017

These guys are great. They are very good and most importantly very honest and are straight shooters. They don't try to bundle on work that isn't needed like so many other shops. They are also nice and very flexible in working around difficult schedules or other issues. I would highly recommend DFW Bimmer for any repair or service needs.

Nick K.

★★★★★ | 7/13/2017

Jesse is a honest mechanic gives you a more then fair price to service a BMW. Works fast to fix your car unlike the dealer or other auto shops that don't really know how to work on a BMW. I highly highly recommend if you are a BMW owner go see Jesse at DWF Bimmer. The receptionist Samantha is also very very kind also helpful.

Aylesha H.

★★★★★ | 6/28/2017

I've been taking my BMW's to DFW Bimmer since they opened and have always been pleased with the service, price and expertise. Jesse and his staff have taken great care of my Z3 and now my Z4. I always try to support small local businesses that deliver a quality product and I'm glad that I found DFW Bimmer.

Rj H.

★★★★★ | 6/25/2017

I have been taking my M3 to DFW Bimmer for several years for all my oil changes and preventative maintenance work and she still runs like a dream with 150k miles. They do quality work at a fair price and I have never felt like any work that they recommended was unnecessary. I recently purchased an X5M and they have continued to maintain the same level of quality service. The team at DFW Bimmer are truly above reproach. I highly recommend. Them to anyone insearch of a good shop to take care of their BMW.

Ian A.

★★★★★ | 6/23/2017

Great staff and fast service for a great value! Never disappointed when I leave the shop.

Chris M.

★★★★★ | 6/6/2017

Honest & knowledgeable with fair pricing. Good communications with customer.

Laurie Bledsoe-Anders

★★★★★ | 6/6/2017

These guys are great. Very on point to the repairs, less expensive than the dealer and only do to the vehicle what is necessary! Thanks for your great service Jesse and Albert!

Roberto García

★★★★★ | 6/4/2017

Albert did a great job with my X5. He was prompt in letting me know the cost, kept me informed throughout the day, and got the job finished on time. He drove me to the rental car company, and even put a little gas in my car because it was empty and he knew I was in a hurry to get to Dallas. Thanks a million Albert!

Amelia A.

★★★★★ | 5/18/2017

Jesse and Albert are So accommodating and knowledgable. The staff makes their customers feel very comfortable knowing we are not paying for services not needed or overpriced. Cannot say enough good things about DFW Bimmer

Misty U.

★★★★★ | 5/12/2017

I'm so thankful to have found this gem of a place to service my car. After countless bad experiences with the dealership, I was so happy to receive fast, courteous and honest service with DFW Bimmer. They get me in quickly, give me recommendations with great explanation and without pressure and always give me the friendliest customer service. I will not go anywhere else. Special thanks to Albert for his exceptional service.

Rhonda Layton

★★★★★ | 5/6/2017

I had my brakes replaced here a few weeks ago. I found them to be straightforward and knowledgeable, as well as reasonable with pricing. Also, Albert changed out a burned out bulb for me free. Will be going back again.

Isaac M.

★★★★★ | 4/27/2017


I am updating my review given the company's response to my feedback. I truly believe there was a miscommunication issue and they wanted to---and DID--fix the issue.

The owner (Jesse) called me immediately after seeing my review and he had a very reasonable explanation for what happened and in retrospect, I take some responsibility for this.

Jesse was interested in both explaining the situation and making it "right" for me. I am here today and they are replacing my battery for free. I never expected anything for free but I really appreciate a business that cares about service and how they are perceived.

I now regret my initial review and would recommend giving them a chance to service your BMW!

Thanks Jesse.

Mike S.

★★★★★ | 4/2/2017

Went to BMW of Arlington for an oil change & they "found" other items that needed to be done as well and wanted to charge me $400 just to do an inspection of my car, no thank you! I've also gotten other work done at BMW of Arlington and they've always charged ridiculous prices. I googled BMW dealers and found DFW Bimmer. I walked out of there spending less than $100 & he basically did the same thing BMW of Arlington was going to do. I won't ever go back to BMW of Arlington.

Whitney Nicole

★★★★★ | 3/18/2017

Just oil change today. But always take my car here if I have any problems. They get me in right away and always a great experience! I own three bmw and this only place I take them for everything! I would highly recommend dfw bummer!

Mike Christman

★★★★★ | 3/15/2017

It's always hard finding a good car guy that just doesn't do work that isn't needed. Well I found out about DFW Bimmer and call made an apt and since then I only go see Albert he takes care of my car even if I think something is wrong and there isn't anything wrong he still takes the time to let me come in and he will look over my car. So thank you Albert for always taking care of not only me but my car. Being a girl and not growing up around cars it's hard to understand what things are but he really explains it and even shows me where it is and what it is so I know and if it has to be fixed right away he will tell me and we get it done. I know that I won't go any where else and only recommend this location for anyone because they have the best customer service.

Camiel Finger

★★★★★ | 3/10/2017

Jesse and Albert go above and beyond to take care of their customers but most importantly they are HONEST!!! They have saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. Thank you DFW BIMMER!!

Kristin Archer

★★★★★ | 2/11/2017

Took my car there for them to identify where the oil leak was coming from. When I looked under the car to try to identify it myself I thought it was coming from one of two places: the rear main seal or the oil pan gasket. It was neither. DFW Bimmer techs found the leak coming from the oil pressure relief valve. Not only was the service fast but they also guaranteed to be the lowest in the area and they proved it when they beat the quote that I received from the BMW dealership. I highly recommend them and plan on going back for additional work that I need on my M3.

Eddie Rodriquez

★★★★★ | 2/3/2017

Very impressed with the professionalism, prices and clean environment of the shop. The owners/mechanics are fair, honest and you can tell they care about the customer and the cars they service.

Tierra L.

★★★★★ | 2/1/2017

We are always very pleased with DFW Bimmer! We feel the service is terrific! A GREAT place to service your BMW!

Lisa Cremer

★★★★★ | 1/29/2017

Great guys. Clean shop, knowledgeable and professional staff. I was stranded and they referred me to a tow truck company, quickly diagnosed my problem, and had me back in the road super quick. I also love that they provided printed, written, itemized estimates for the work. Very nice.

Jesse and Albert are So accommodating and knowledgable. The staff makes their customers feel very comfortable knowing we are not paying for services not needed or overpriced. Cannot say enough good things about DFW Bimmer

Travis R.

★★★★★ | 10/14/2016

My first time having my bimmer serviced outside of the dealership and this was a nice change. In and out for an oil change and very pleasant atmosphere. I'll definitely be back.

Jennifer B.

★★★★★ | 9/30/2016

I have been a regular client ever since I found out about DFW Bimmer. I find their prices for labor and parts less than the dealership. I have taken it in for several items, oil changes, & my 60k service. Yesterday, I took my 328i in thinking I had a battery issue that was making my door locks intermittent. Found out it was my key faub - it had a battery in it. They changed it out at no charge. Great staff, local - I would recommend them highly.I have been a regular client ever since I found out about DFW Bimmer. I find their prices for labor and parts less than the dealership. I have taken it in for several items, oil changes, & my 60k service. Yesterday, I took my 328i in thinking I had a battery issue that was making my door locks intermittent. Found out it was my key faub - it had a battery in it. They changed it out at no charge. Great staff, local - I would recommend them highly.

Rachel McCabe

★★★★★ | 9/17/2016

Very nice and informative mechanic shop...no pressure....so far so good...I think I found my new bimmer shop !!!!

Evonne Raglin

★★★★★ | 9/17/2016

DFW Bimmer has the best customer service! The staff is knowledge and super friendly! I won't be going anywhere else for my auto service!

Ashley Smith

★★★★★ | 8/27/2016

DFW Bimmer in Euless was great. They were able to work me in even though I didn't have an appointment. Albert helped me decide what was the best course of action for servicing my BMW and helped me save money. They were quick, professional, and friendly. I won't take my car anywhere else!

HG Hastings

★★★★★ | 8/13/2016

I USE to take my car to the BMW dealership for Everything but I kept having issues & incidents with the Dallas location.

My husband discovered DFW Bimmer & now he makes me take my car to them. They've done a great job on my car, their customer service is on point and they're prices are great for their work along with them using genuine BMW parts. We feel they're a Honest Business with Honest Employees!! I would recommend them to anyone that owns a BMW because I know they'll be satisfied with the services provided just as we are!!

Daphne Hymes

★★★★★ | 8/13/2016

Just had the usual BMW-related suspension woes with my 130+k mile 5 series and needed help. My usual shop wasn't available and the car was fast becoming undrivable. After doing some research online, I came across DFW Bimmer. They had fantastic reviews, so I stopped by and spoke to Jesse and his crew. Fantastic people, folks. Very knowledgeable and they are straight shooters on what is wrong with your car and what you will need to get rolling again at minimal cost. One thing I really like is that they are sticklers for using OEM parts at all times. You will pay a bit more but the customer is guaranteed quality parts with a good warranty. Their services and labor hour costs seem to undercut my usual shop, so I'll probably be shifting a majority of my maintenance needs over to them. I'm glad I've been able to find a great alternative to my usual shop, and it's muuuuch more convenient, to boot!!

Adrian B.

★★★★★ | 7/27/2016

Jesse and Albert are always professional and courteous. Their prices are great too. Thanks so much guys, glad I found your shop!

Coy Taylor

★★★★★ | 7/25/2016

I originally bought a 2000 BMW 328i from Jesse. It had an issue that he was unaware of at the time of the sale. After I spoke with him about the issue with this older car he asked me to bring the car back and he would give me a full refund. After telling him that I had already spent 1500 on the car he offered to give me a 2007 BMW 328i. The car he gave me in place of the other car is in mint condition. I mean everything on this car works great. I love driving this car. I am now a huge BMW fan and a huge fan of Jesse and DFW Bimmer. How many people would trade you for a car that is worth twice as much to make up for an unknowing mistake and not ask you for a single dime? This man is full of honesty and integrity. That is hard to find these days in general much less in the auto sales industry. So thank you DFW Bimmer for conducting business the way you do. It means a lot to us people who work hard for their money. It's nice to have someone to trust in.

Scott Doty

★★★★★ | 6/22/2016

This has been my go to place since moving to the DFW area! The guys here are amazing and take good care of your BMW.

Easy to make appointments over the phone and Albert always gives you an accurate estimate/recommendations of what's going on with your car. Prices are lower than the "stealership" but quality of work is at par or better.

I've come in for oil changes to regular maintenance and always been recommended what my car needs to keep running well with good performance. No overselling and pressure tactics here.

On one of my service appointments, I had wanted to get some bolts replaced along with an oil change and since it took longer than expected, Albert comped labor for replacing the bolts....

They have a small waiting area and in most cases dropping off your car is best. Waiting room and shop area is clean. I will be back here whenever I need to get my car serviced!!

Nish K.

★★★★★ | 6/7/2016

This is by far the best place to take your BMW! They are BMW qualified mechanics , and also they're very cost effective. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my car. Albert is awesome he's really friendly and gives you his expert opinion on what's best for your BMW .

Thanks for taking care of me and my car :-)

Crystal S.

★★★★★ | 6/3/2016

This was our second time to take our BMW550 to Albert at DFW Bimmer.

The first time was for brakes and rotors and this second time for a check engine light.

Both instances he had our car back to us in less than a day! His customer service skills are excellent and the shop is immaculate. Not to mention the price! Both times we were quoted far less than what our dealership wanted to charge. This is now our "go to" place.

Charles M.

★★★★★ | 4/25/2016

I have only ever trusted our X5 to DFW Bimmer, they have always gone above and beyond for us. They've helped us out so much with everything in our car. I'm so pleased and grateful for the great work you guys do for my car everytime I've needed help. Highly recommend DFW Bimmer to anyone I know with a BMW, it's not always easy to find a reliable trusting shop when it comes to cars but I got lucky with these guys!!

Karla Zamora

★★★★★ | 4/20/2016

These guys are great. German engineering leads to lots of issues and they do their best to get you and fixed. Hourly rate is much better than other places and they specialize in BMW. Highly recommend.

Jeffrey S.

★★★★★ | 4/13/2016

We took our BMW in for an inspection and both times were a great experience. Albert is very knowledgeable, patient, and provided us with a prompt response. The service provided was exceptional and I would recommend BMW owners to bring your car to BMW Bimmer for service. You will not be disappointed. We will continue to get services done here. Thank you for great service every time!!

Joel R.

★★★★★ | 3/19/2016

I was having issues with my BMW's transmission and took my car there to get it checked out. They very quickly figured out what it was and gave me a written quote. He took me out to the garage and showed me what was wrong with it, then showed me where there may be future problems with a belt. He was very patient while I sat there and tried to figure out (and Googling online) if it was worth fixing, or if I should get rid of it. He was very unbiased, and helped me sort out the pros and cons. I ended up deciding it wasn't worth getting fixed and traded in my car for a different make. I wish they worked on other cars too!

Amanda I.

★★★★★ | 3/18/2016

I have been taking my car to DFW Bimmer for almost a year and I am so thankful that I found this place. They are honest and reasonably priced. Before I would dread taking my car to the dealership for maintenance due the price, time it took, and the laundry list of items that they would say I needed done. At DFW Bimmer I know my car is taken care of and I am treated fairly.

Tiffany M.

★★★★★ | 2/29/2016

We took our car to a BMW dealership in Plano and they were asking twice the amount DFW Bimmer charged us. The customer service was great! They were really fast and our car not only got fixed but it now runs so much better than it has since we got it! Very very very pleased and will definitely be going back next time we need something done on our car!!!

Kristen Balencia Jones

★★★★★ | 2/15/2016

This is officially my first 5 star rating on any place on yelp. I had number of issues with my BMW and took my car to couple of places and either they didn't know what they were doing or they tried to over charge me, or both! I found DFW Bimmer online checked out the reviews and decide to take my car there. The owner and certified mechanic Jesse is honest and fair on his prices and he knows about BMWs because he worked at the dealership as a certified mechanic for number of years. Knowledge, honesty, and fair prices. What more could you want from a mechanic especially from a BMW specialist? If you own a BMW and have issues, don't go anywhere else, just go to DFW Bimmer and let Jesse take care of your BMW!

Jae S.

★★★★★ | 2/5/2016

Jesse and his team are amazing! They really helped me out of a tight spot and I will be forever grateful. If you need your car repaired for a fair price with great customer service, or if you're looking to upgrade to a totally new BMW...go see Jesse, Albert and Samantha.

Maiya Nicole Hollie

★★★★★ | 1/27/2016

OMG this place is a life saver!!! I took my car here after going to two auto shops, one of those auto shops specializes in BMWs as well. They had my car for a month without knowing exactly what was wrong with it. They tried to over charge me for something other than the problem. I had a gut feeling that they were not being honest so I decided to get my car towed to this place, after reading the reviews. The same day I got it towed to DFW Bimmer the same day my car was ready!!!! What needed to be done was very much simpler from what the other shops told me. I saved thousands of dollars thanks to DFW Bimmer. They also replaced my brake lights free of charge. This place is awesome!!! They are honest, have the right tools, and know exactly what they are doing. I highly recommend this place to anyone who has a BMW. This place is heaven sent, honestly.

Shaneya A.

★★★★★ | 1/22/2016

I wouldn't trust my car to one of those "big"dealerships ever again. This place is incredible and very trust worthy!

Margaret McKernanlacombe

★★★★★ | 8/25/2015

The service I received here was definitely impressive, and the price was best part! I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Vesuvius Jones

★★★★★ | 7/16/2015

This is my second time taking my car to DFW bimmer and I'm very pleased with their job. Jesse and Albert are awesome and take the time to explain in detail the problem. Easy, friendly, fast, and courteous customer service is really hard to find; no doubt the best deal. There's a reason why these guys have 5 stars. I highly recommend this place!!!

Miti C.

★★★★★ | 7/16/2015

This is my second time taking my car to DFW bimmer and I'm very pleased with their job. Jesse and Albert are awesome and take the time to explain in detail the problem. Easy, friendly, fast, and courteous customer service is really hard to find; there's a reason why these guys have 5 stars. I highly recommend this place!!!

Michelle Colato-Erazo

★★★★★ | 5/6/2015

Awesome people and awesome work, I'd recommend to any and every one!

Millie Cotto

★★★★★ | 4/30/2015

Great place to get your BMW serviced and great people!

Blove Garcia

★★★★★ | 4/21/2015

The service I received here was definitely impressive, and the price was best part! I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Vesuvius Jones

★★★★★ | 1/6/2015

Drove thru a puddle, not a river, just a puddle and my transmission went into safe mode. The Dealer said the transmission was bad and needed to be replaced for around seven grand. A little research on some BMW forums showed it to be a common occurrence for a sensor at the back of the transmission to get wet and short out and that it was uncommon that a zf dealer maintained fails at 80k miles. Maybe the dealer should get the internet? Sorry this is about Dfw Bimmer, back to that. Showed up with out calling and got the car looked at in minutes and a repair bill for 90 bucks. Problem solved in 30 minutes, went ahead and threw some other maintenance items since they earned my business. Great service and attitude, and price. Fuzzy's taco shop next door is a bonus!

Thadeus D.

★★★★★ | 1/14/2015

I had the common water pump, thermostat issue that shows up when the mileage rolls up on a BMW. Mine is a 2006 330i.

I've been around cars a lot, doing a lot of wrenching myself. 40 years worth. Nothing phases me. My pet peeve is dishonest repair services.

I took the car in for service above. I also had them look over some other issues I knew needed repair (oil leaks).

They gave me a quote that was very detailed, perfectly proper to solve issue with the cooling system. They also quoted the additional work at an acceptable price.

The work was completed promptly and the repair work solved all issues the car had to my satisfaction.

I just love honesty in a repair service.

A few days later, I got a call from Jesse, the owner I think. Note this was after the service was complete and paid for. He was going to send a refund back to me because two of the services overlapped on disassembly and the rates didn't calculate that. He reimbursed me for 3 labor hours. Wow, that doesn't happen very often.

My kind of shop. Works was perfect, and I've cashed the

I used to lease new BMWs, no more. I buy them a few years old and find a shop like this.

Highly recommended.

Bob M.

★★★★★ | 10/17/2014

DFW Bimmer was AWESOME! I was not excited about having to get my car serviced, but these guys were GREAT! They got us in for an estimate on short notice and did not rush us to make a decision on the work to have done. They were honest, friendly and very easy to work with. They even called us the next day to see how the car was running and if we had anymore questions or concerns. I highly recommend DFW Bimmer for BMW service. Thank you for taking such good care of us!

Lisa A. Garcia Frayre

★★★★★ | 4/19/2014

Service was great!! Had major service done on a 7 series and saved thousands. He also used OEM parts,Thanks Jesse! I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

Taylor Renee Alanzo

★★★★★ | 3/3/2014

Great work with affordable prices!

Reed Barron

★★★★★ | 11/6/2013

Premium Service ♡

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